Vendor Registration Form

Thank you for registering to join with other outstanding service providers, community organizations and local, regional and national companies at the 2017 Stand Down!

 Attendee #1 is a Veteran

 Attendee #2 is a Veteran

 Attendee #3 is a Veteran

 Yes     No

 I understand that my staff/volunteers are to be at their assigned table/area by 8:30am

 I understand that at least one staff/volunteer is required to stay until the event ends at 2:00pm

 I would like a volunteer to help me unload
(NOTE: Volunteers will be available from 7:00-8:15am to help with load-in. If you mark "yes" we will assign a volunteer to help you.)

 I will be providing a tablecloth.
(NOTE: You are required to provide a tablecloth for your table. Transition Projects will provide the table skirt and chairs.)

Lunch is one of the costliest items for The Stand Down. Last year 750 lunches were needed for veterans, volunteers, and providers. Due to the high cost we have opted to have a delicious sack lunch brought in for all providers and the cost will be $10.00.  Lunch will be served at 12:00pm. 

Please note, breakfast items (bagels, fruit, coffee) will be available in the Provider/Volunteer Lounge when you arrive to set-up again this year.

 Do you need a Vegan lunch

 Do you need a Vegetarian lunch